Hand Grass Spice Herb Grinder


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Hand muller grinders have proved to be one of the most helpful inventions when it comes to grinding herbs. These grinders are used to crush all types of plants and herbs into powder form. They are circular and have multiple layers, typically four. Two of these layers are designed to have circular spikes and a holder to grind the items. They are very sharp since their job is to grind herbs. Another layer acts like a filter that strains out any chunks of herbs.


Unique Design
 Kitchen Helper
 Efficient Grinding
 2", the size is only the palm size.
 Easy to carry in a pocket.

Herb Grinder

The 2.2 inch small size make it easier to hold when using. Herb crusher portable, even the clothes pocket can be easily put in.

Premium materials:

This herb grinder is made of heavy-duty zinc alloy + Acrylic. A safer and more durable herb grinder.

Intensive grinding teeth:

The spice grinder has densely distributed diamond-shaped grinding teeth, which can fully grind spices. At the same time the grinder works more efficiently and faster.

Magnetic connection:

We have improved this spice grinder so that the top of the grinder is magnetized to the bottom. so that spice mill is convenient to use and clean.

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Hand Grass Spice Herb Grinder